Sunday, October 08, 2006

OCTOBER 5-7th Detroit, Chicago, Madison

So we've decided we are going to create a coffee table book. The book will feature photos of mini-vans from every state in the U.S. that have kick-ace window decals... because honestly there is nothing cooler than a mini van with Poison lyrics or a giant cobra on the back!

Here are the first two entries... MICHICAGN and ILLINOIS!

We played the Detroit and Madison shows with our friends from Dallas, Titan Moon, which was a lot of fun and it's always nice seeing familiar faces out on the road. While in Chicago we stopped by the Virgin Megastore for an instore interview/DJset/meet+greet thingy (and got the empoyee discount). The Chicago show was a lot of fun and special thanks to the group of fans that drove 6hrs just to make it to the show!


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