Sunday, October 29, 2006

OCTOBER 21+22 - "Deaf Ears" video shoot L.A.

We just wrapped up the shoot for the music video to "Deaf Ears" with the film production crew of Commondeer who have worked with Bloc Party, The Sounds and who just finished the new Norah Jones video. Watching thru the playback monitor everything looked amazing and we are really exited to show everyone the finished cut!

And for your film buffs you'll be glad to know we pulled out all the stops and shot it all on 16mm widescreen!

Monday, October 16, 2006

OCTOBER 12 - Dreaming of a white Halloween

Being from Texas we certainly arent used to seeing snow...especially in OCTOBER... and making the drive from Madison to Seattle we saw tons of it. Here is a picture passing thru Butte, MT (yeah we get it...) if you ever pass thru we reccomend the beef and noodle soup at the family diner. We made the 28hr drive in 2 days which i think is a record.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

OCTOBER 5-7th Detroit, Chicago, Madison

So we've decided we are going to create a coffee table book. The book will feature photos of mini-vans from every state in the U.S. that have kick-ace window decals... because honestly there is nothing cooler than a mini van with Poison lyrics or a giant cobra on the back!

Here are the first two entries... MICHICAGN and ILLINOIS!

We played the Detroit and Madison shows with our friends from Dallas, Titan Moon, which was a lot of fun and it's always nice seeing familiar faces out on the road. While in Chicago we stopped by the Virgin Megastore for an instore interview/DJset/meet+greet thingy (and got the empoyee discount). The Chicago show was a lot of fun and special thanks to the group of fans that drove 6hrs just to make it to the show!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

OCTOBER 3 - Niagara Falls, NY

While im a firm believer in Mapquest (even though Tim thinks Google Maps is better) it did try and lead us into unauthorized foreign counties. We were heading from Boston to Detroit and mapquest routed us thru Canada. We didnt have our passports so we had to reroute going south of Lake Erie. Since we were so near the border we spent the night in Buffalo, NY and went and visited Niagara Falls the next day.

We were amazed at the lack of security and ease of access you had to the falls...there is just a tiny railing keeping you from plunging down the falls... it was scary and at the same time a bit tempting...

SEPTEMBER 29 - NJ & Boston, MA

After leaving DC we headed to Boston for the NEMO Music Festival. On the way there we stopped off in New Jersey for an interview and in-studio acoustic session on The Underground with Mike Merrell on WHTG FM.

The next day we made the rest of the trip to Boston which we have discovered is an impossible city find your way around without getting lost. The city is so old that none of the streets are on a grid but instead twist and curve randomly and most of the streets have no street signs... but... it's such an amazing city that it makes up for the fact that you are constantly lost cause there is always something to see.