Tuesday, September 05, 2006

SEPTEMBER 1 - New York City residency

First off, sorry for not making regular posts over the last three weeks while in NYC during our residency... we were trying to take advantage of our time in the city as much as we could and that left little time for internet-ing. Thank you very much to all of the fans that came out to all 3 shows and especially the one's who were stealing the posters off the walls (that's like a rock milestone right? perhaps underware throwing is next?).

Instead of trying to tell three weeks worth of stories we'll just give you the quick flash run down of everything we did...

Driving, Searching for Parking, Sleeping, Eating, Playing Shows, Subways, Museums, Shopping, Parking Tickets, Press Interviews, Almost getting arrested for hanging posters, Another Parking ticket, Treating our friends in Stellastarr* to a $1,000 dinner that our label wasnt very happy about, Rehearsing, Getting Lost in Brooklyn, Air matresses, Burgers on English Muffins, more Pizza, Buses, Central Park, Acoustic Performance and Dumplings in Chinatown.

That's about it and we will be back in New York in a couple months to do it all again during CMJ!


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