Sunday, July 23, 2006

JULY 17 - Sn Francisco, CA

We made our way up the coast from LA to San Francisco for our show at the Elbo Room. The venue was really nice, definitely one of the most organzied clubs we've ever played. After the show and after pulling off one of the most amazing parking jobs known to man (backing a 15 passenger van with trailer up a steep SF street and into a garage that is only about an inch wider than the trailer itself) we had a free place to stay at friends place and were able to spend a few days and really see the city. First off, the weather is amazing...sunny, but not hot and at night cool but not cold... it's perfect. We went to the beach, golden gate park, haight & ashbury and even saw the house from everyone's favorite sitcom "FULL HOUSE"!

We also were educated on the ways of the bike, which in SF the bike is not just an easy method for getting around town but a very important indicator of your social status. Despite the fact the city is all hills, you must have a bike that has only 1 gear and 0 brakes and go ahead and cover any logos with tape just for good measure.


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