Friday, June 30, 2006

JUNE 27 + 28 - Drive Days

Two full days of driving as we are heading all the way from the Northeast down to Miami, and it has been raining constantly. Luckily we have packed up two of every species of animal into our van and trailer so that when the great floods recede we can repopulate the world. Below is a little summary of how everyone is currently spending thier time in the ark/van.

TIMMY- When Timmy is piloting the ark/van we often awake to find ourselves in a Taco Bell parking lot with Timmy nowhere in sight and soon discover him dining alone.

ADAM- Adam is constantly trying to sleep in the van so that he is rested enough to wake up early and get the free continental breakfeast at the lovely motels that we always stay in. He loves the waffle maker.

AARON- Aaron is no longer allowed to drive due to his inclination to find himself on narrow, dead-end roads that are impossible to get out of with a trailer. Instead he sits in deep thought, writing all about his muses and deep deep thoughts in his journal (or diary, really). He keeps his sunglasses on even on the most overcast of days, its often rumored that he does this to hide his tears as he waxes philosophic in his magical book of mystery.

RYAN - Ryan has one job-- backing the trailer out of the quandries that Aaron puts us in. He also is fortunate enough to do any and all city driving required. Is it because the rest of us are incapable? Well as far as Aaron goes, yes. But really we're all just lazy and have no desire to learn to parallel park a 15-passenger van + trailer right now. The rest of the Ryan's van time is devoted to "working." What does this entail? MySpace mainly, and the occasional photoshopped graphic for, well, our
myspace page.

BANNER - Banner our "tour manager/light-tech/merch girl/band mom" keeps us all entertained and exercises our minds with her titillating trivia questions (which she often doesnt know the answer to but still awards points for how confidently you answer)... i.e. What was Charlie Brown's sisters name? (leave answer in comments section)

Monday, June 26, 2006

JUNE 26 - Washington D.C.

Rain, Rain, Rain... so apparently it is raining on the entire east coast, the rain has been following us since New York. We were in D.C. today to meet with a photographer and after the shoot we walked around the city and got soaking wet.

(Aaron pulls a Santos)

JUNE 25 - Philadelphia, PA

It was just a short drive from Harrisburg to Philly so we were able to watch more WORLD CUP soccer and visit all the historical sites (Liberty Bell, Ben Franklin's grave, Betsy Ross' house, etc) and we all had massive Philly Cheessteak sandwiches.

JUNE 24 - Harrisburg, PA

The Harrisburg show was the "best load in/out" we've ever had. It was part of a music confrence and festival with shows all over the city, and our show was actually located in the hotel that we were staying at. We just came down from our room, played the show and head back was great.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

JUNE 23 - NYC day 2

Our second day here in New York was a very busy and tiring one... We kept the van in brooklyn to avoid getting another parking ticket so we had to carry our gear all day, all over the city. We stopped by the SPIN offices to meet a few people there and then headed uptown for the taping of a TV performance for Fearless Music. I believe our episode shows in September and is on FOX in NYC and airs in many other affiliates all over the country so check their website to see when it airs in your city.

Friday, June 23, 2006

JUNE 22 - New York, NY

We arrived in New York City around noon and after much searching finally found a place to park a 15 passenger van and trailer in the middle of manhattan (we got a parking ticket). We had a really nice lunch at a restuarant in Chelsea where we were able to watch the Brazil v Japan World Cup game. A waitress managed to spill an entire tray of drinks on us not once but twice...soaking both Tim and our publicist Perry.

The show tonight was at The Annex in NYC's lower east side. It was a great show and crowd and The Annex is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to play in the city.

Click here to read the TRIPWIRE review of the show.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

JUNE 21 - DRIVE DAY (ohio to new jersey)

Driving day and my first turn at the wheel. Inevitably my directional skills lead us into a culdesac of an isolated subdivision. Not fifteen minutes on the road and I've managed to park us in someones driveway. Ryan had to back us out and point me to the highway.

We've accomplished our only two priorities for the day: make it to New Jersey and find a grocery store.

It was a lovely drive thru Pennsylvania Dutch country, however we were a little disappointed that we didnt see any Amish...oh and we dont reccomend the rest stops on the IH-70 (not a ton of privacy)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


We kicked off the first day of the tour here in Cincinati, was a fun day filled with overpriced meals, a WOXY in-studio performance, reading magazines at Barnes & Noble and finally a very loud set at the Southgate House. Looking forward to NYC and the rest of the tour!

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